Friday, December 31, 2010

10 picos in there place :)

These following picos are just to cute to ignore so i took pictures!
:D most of them i have names of so remember to props them if you by chance see them. ^^

the first pico i will share with you! I loved her choices of teal and black :)

Her dress was so pretty!

I want her vehicle it is very neat :O

I laughed when i saw her nose which she thought was funny too so no worries i wasn't being mean ^_^ lol

i think she was my favorite! the pico below her is her friend she was dancing with!
i added another picture of her at the bottom beacuse she just HAD to show me her favorite outfit vvv

i thought she was just plain adorable!!! her friend above her.^ they danced together so it was twice as fashionable XD she is DEFANATLY my 2nd fave

Its a halloween little-red-riding hood! I loved her outfit

Nice choice of colors Tiffany! :D

Here is the second photo i was talking about!i Want that hair LOL