Saturday, April 2, 2011

new gacha!!!! :D

hello everyone!!! :D im so so so so so SO sorry for not posting!!! ive been busy and kind of lazy latley so hrmm.... alot has been changed too! for instance, i got a new wig, more premium clothes and also upgraded my room to a unnessasary gigantic size! :) this was ment to be posted a while back but it kept failing the uploading and publish so i took a break from it. T_T" anyways its nice to be back and im going to be posting the new link for our new facebook page so make sure you join it!!! :)

anywaaaays....i opened the travel log and zapped myself to their as fast as possible!

the room was cool and the bed was soft! after spending all my AG on the gacha i got right into my new clothes...which unfortunatly i didnt get the top hat the was so cute and went with the dress! >_<

here is my new dress! <33

the couch in the gothic gacha room was pretty comfy,

goofing around in my new awesome dress!

i wonder where he got that hat >.>

taking pictures with fans was pretty fun.

unfortunatly i ran out of AG and alas,i grew desperate u_u i was going to get that top hat if it was the last thing i do!!!!

ill get some more later anyways....i hope O_O

well bye for now! (thats michael jackson ^) o.o