Friday, January 21, 2011

MAKE PEACE NOT WAR!!!! *or in this case make friends not enimies*

do you ever see people fighting? alot? well its annoying huh! How you can help is by now annoying someone till they wanna throw a brick at your face and instead walk away!Always easier instead of fighting!


It's good to try to stop fights! Helping them sort it out always helps! sometimes....

and after they help they usually end up as the Vitim....

Being friends and not fighting is always the best option! If someone is bullying you just leave and go to a new event! they can't stalk you (lol) unless you added them which would not have been such a good idea... anyways i made this specific blog post today beacuse i always see people fighting in pico and i think it should stop! trust me its really annoying and noone wants to hear you insult another person! :P have fun and make friends is my motto! (not really my motto lol -.-) anyways have fun and remember to be kind and not .... act like a butt face!!! >:O i changed my name to twinkie by the way lol! XD