Tuesday, January 25, 2011


hello people of pico : ) today i have an issue to discuss >:O THE NO MORE WIGS PROBLEM!!! I CAN'T FIND ANY AND I SCOUERED THE WORLD IN SEARCH OF THEM!!! ACK!!!! *upsetness* me & friends agree about this and im pretty sure you probably feel the same way!

I reeally want more wigs! : ( anyways just to let you know i didn't make this post to complain it's not just the wigs either! its that ...let's face it! the new gachas SUCK!!!!

The one thing i don't like about this wig is that it makes my forhead huge and fat!!!! UGH!!!!

this is my other wig! from the old alice nine gacha if you couldn't guess already. i really wish that they would have some more gacha from the previous year!I don't think it's fair! :P the creators should make some new gacha or bring back some old ones....

see my wig here? i like it but i want MORE!!! anyways have a nice pico day and remember: EAT CHIKEN NOT COWS :D


chocolate paradise said...

feed my fish please ;D