Tuesday, January 25, 2011


hello people of pico : ) today i have an issue to discuss >:O THE NO MORE WIGS PROBLEM!!! I CAN'T FIND ANY AND I SCOUERED THE WORLD IN SEARCH OF THEM!!! ACK!!!! *upsetness* me & friends agree about this and im pretty sure you probably feel the same way!

I reeally want more wigs! : ( anyways just to let you know i didn't make this post to complain it's not just the wigs either! its that ...let's face it! the new gachas SUCK!!!!

The one thing i don't like about this wig is that it makes my forhead huge and fat!!!! UGH!!!!

this is my other wig! from the old alice nine gacha if you couldn't guess already. i really wish that they would have some more gacha from the previous year!I don't think it's fair! :P the creators should make some new gacha or bring back some old ones....

see my wig here? i like it but i want MORE!!! anyways have a nice pico day and remember: EAT CHIKEN NOT COWS :D

Friday, January 21, 2011

MAKE PEACE NOT WAR!!!! *or in this case make friends not enimies*

do you ever see people fighting? alot? well its annoying huh! How you can help is by now annoying someone till they wanna throw a brick at your face and instead walk away!Always easier instead of fighting!


It's good to try to stop fights! Helping them sort it out always helps! sometimes....

and after they help they usually end up as the Vitim....

Being friends and not fighting is always the best option! If someone is bullying you just leave and go to a new event! they can't stalk you (lol) unless you added them which would not have been such a good idea... anyways i made this specific blog post today beacuse i always see people fighting in pico and i think it should stop! trust me its really annoying and noone wants to hear you insult another person! :P have fun and make friends is my motto! (not really my motto lol -.-) anyways have fun and remember to be kind and not .... act like a butt face!!! >:O i changed my name to twinkie by the way lol! XD

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Enjoying the more...Naturistic side of life

Today i woke up feeling adventurous(also cozy in my new socks i bought X3) and decided to head out to the forest for some quiet and to get away from the hustle and bustle of my ever-changing life.I came to a decision to go as quickly as possible.

Although as reluctant as i was to take off my warm pj's i changed out of them and threw on my green sundress,brushed my hair and teeth,and put on my warm and fuzzy boots.

I slipped on my coat for it was a pretty windy,cold,autumn day threw my purple scarf around my neck,put on my hat,and grabbed my Japanese umbrella in case it rained,and headed out the door to West Forest.

as soon as i got to West forest i sat on a bench and sketched until the last hiker came out from the woods.

i decided to go for a little walk to clear my head into the nearby forest.After a very long time i decided to take a break.I rested myself on a strong oak tree and thought about how hard and complicated and loud my life is.I stopped thinking and listened to the trees leaves rustling,the birds chirping from somewhere afar,and watched as leaves drifted lazily from the tree and onto the soft dirt below.

I suddenly felt so...happy and calm as if i was in a sanctuary of peace and happiness.i spun myself around and laughed to myself and tried to catch the falling leaves as they were blown off the trees.I laid in the grass and blew on dandelions,picked flowers,and tried to climb the highest tree i could find.In the midst of all my happy frolicking a particular cardinal flew up onto a branch above me.I drew my notebook from the many pockets of my brown coat and decided to sketch it.After awhile i noticed that the woods seemed quieter and darker then before.I grew tired and kicked off my shoes and laid my back against a hollow Acorn tree.

I took at short nap about 5 minutes long and woke up realizing i had no idea how to get home!I decided to keep cool and walk one way and if that wasn't right i would turn around and go a different way-making sure i marked each tree as i went.I began to walk.In truth a little scared.5

Everything was silent as i tried to find my way home except for the crunching of decaying leaves that lay below my feet.That was,until i heard faint music a little ahead of me.I stopped to listen to make sure i wasn't imagining what i had heard.As soon as my ears confirmed that it was in fact music i walked quicker then before,anxious to find the source of the alluring melody.Soon enough i found myself in a clearing looking at quite a scene indeed!The trees were parted to make a perfect circle and butterfly's and some sort of beautiful,shining,dust floated about.I couldn't believe what else i saw!Some odd creatures that look human apart from their pointed ears and leaf dresses were playing in the clearing.they were singing and it sounded wonderful!i was about to step into the clearing to join when i noticed that mushrooms were in a perfect circle outlining the clearing.A fairy patch! That meant these magnificent beings were ELVES!I had to step in though i knew that when i do i will never return home for they will take me with them.I danced and sung until sunset.They excepted me like one of there own!then sunset came and they stopped abruptly and stared directly at me with their beautiful,yet dangerous piercing green or brown eyes.I think i was in trouble!

One of the oldest spoke 4 words and suddenly i found myself on the floor of my own house!They returned me home!I breathed in deeply and crawled right into my bed and fell asleep dreaming about mushrooms...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

NEAT PHOTOS! (has human tower curtasy of Haylee)


One little girl was SO excited to meet me (cuz of blog i guess?lol) that she demanded that we became buddies.

i hung out with a old friend at the dance club

Our friend Machelle has discovered a fairy in pico! :O so neat! XD

Our pico place profile picture!

CAUTION:while being mini you CAN get stepped on as i soon found out.

I got to meet sweet mom in person (which haylee almost fainted when she saw her)LOL we decided a picture was perfect for the occasion so here you are! :D

My friend slient E was playing in a tree when she started to fall.I ran over there to catch her.

This is our friends and sistas pyramid! NAMES:♡нαуℓєє♡,☯↘нαуℓєє↙☯,☮♥☠Mαdιє9¥☠♥☮ ,me,and another 2 girls who i forgot there names...

3 little elves apparetly cam late for christmas and delivered 3 stuffed animals for this girl.;D

suddenly i began to slip and FELL RIGHT ON MICHELL'S FACE!:O everyone almost fell right along with me but if Haylee hadn't caught me befor i hit the ground...well...lets now think about that ;)

Today I went over to my friends house to see what she needed and when i got there i saw a tower!!not just any tower made of bricks either!a tower made of PICOS!
My friend askd id i wanted to join and i quickly scrambled up there.

I got into place and relizd i was standing on a Pico names {michelle} face!She didnt care as long as i didnt stomp on her head which made me giggle.

Here is the HUMAN TOWER all finished!!! :D took quite a long time too!

suddenly i began to slip and FELL RIGHT ON MICHELL'S FACE!:O everyone almost fell right along with me but if Haylee hadn't caught me befor i hit the ground...well...lets now think about that ;)

this is the top of the HUMAN TOWER!With my friend Violaderre saluting! Hope your not afraid of hights!